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TikTok trouble: should China’s viral video app be banned in Australia?


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  1. “Tik tok is safe” LOL this guys is just saying that because his job is at stake if Australia ban this app. And yes, Australia should ban Tik Tok and all chinese apps as by law app chinese companies have to share the data with the chinese comunist party if required so. Look at Zoom at the Chinese order deleted US citizens accounts because they were having a meeting to talk about the human rights abuses in China. Zoom even admitted that they deleted the US citizens accounts because they have to follow the China laws. Australia should also ban Huawei for good and help the USA in the south china sea as we don’t want chinese warships in the pacific as it’s already happening. Protect Australia!

  2. just banned all the technologies thats made in China.. all got spyware and data receive… ohh hell banned google app as well.. people must accept to give out personal phone number phone book data before enable to access the app… just bloody banned everythings….including eBay and facebook and Instagram… they all collects our usages data and knowing what we been shopping and looking for lately… freaking hell nothing is safe.. even the gov app is not safe.. how did our personal data exposed

  3. Don’t ban it.If people Belive that The Chinese government is taking your data then delete the app because people enjoy The app

  4. 👉🏼Ban it pls, as a Chinese guy, I don’t use tiktok or the China mainland version tiktok —– Douyin. There are too many adverts, fake knowledge videos and misleading young ppl messages in the app. It is like a gambling machine, people do not know the next video will be their ‘like’ or ‘unlike’, so they endlessly swipe the short videos. People waste plenty of time on it. At the same time, people’s private data and locations are shared on the app, criminals maybe use them to do something bad. Please ban it 🙏🏼 Do not let these apps to pollute the nice and clean Australia 🇦🇺


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