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TikTok POV’s part 6


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  1. The girls that still think they ghetto. They brought a new friend a new best friend. I’m only 10 years old and I’m not scared of their new

  2. These hoes are so fuckin’ stupid and deaf that they always say CoUrtNeYyy even tho it’s not my name

  3. I love tiktok POV’s and this channel is perfect for them i watch this channel all the time thanks for making these videos so im not bored

  4. Omg all of these tiktoks that you put in this video is like a gift from tiktok god himself keep up the good work love this channel btw💗💗🦋

  5. Hi!! I was really bored at home and i wanted to find something to watch until i came across your channel and the captions included!! I’m loving the part 6! Love you


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