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TikTok is Grabbing Your Clipboard Every 10 Seconds


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  1. If you thought Russia was bad now you have a godless nation that will do anything (Russia isn’t actually that bad). This is the worst danger we have faced in a long time. They don’t care about their own people. What do you think that means for anyone outside? Something needs to be done and quick. This is more than tiktok, this is way more.

    Edit: look to Hong Kong. This is what we need to stop and now.

  2. Second message deleted.. freedom of speech. Argue with me, not delete. I can honestly say all Chinese companies are compromised, not choice. Fact.

  3. Wow…an ap made in China, spying on us, naaaaahhh, say it ain’t so….😏 Get as much data on individuals before the invasion and who to round up later and ”re-educate’ or other things.

  4. Wow my message was deleted. You think China is good? OMG. What is going on in the world where we can’t call out a dictatorship!

    Edit: I understand China has people reporting on social media, it’s time we cut them off the internet backbone. It’s time to fight back against these people.


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