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TikTok FLYING Effect Tutorial – EASY


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  1. Does anybody know how to do the “go stupid” video edit? Like when the videos switch really fast? Please help 😭

    • Girl With A Cellphone – done ✅ wasn’t wrong when i said it‘s a workout done with pushups, even with jumps this gets intense 4 sure 😅 gonna edit this today with the help of YOUR video but first enjoying the sun outside – holy moly i‘m finished 😅

    • Girl With A Cellphone of course that helped, that helped big time! 💯 THANK YOU sooo much ☀️🙌🤗 i’m about to hit at least 20 jumping pushups let’s gooo 😅 let‘s connect on tiktok l8r after this „workout“ my username is @marcosperdin imma follow you after i’m done here 🍿🤩

    • @lightningmarco If there is specific song you would like to use, you can save it to your favorites and then when you are adding your video from your phone gallery you click: sound – more – favorites and select your song.

      You can also remove the sound from the video you recorded by going sound – volume and bringing “original sound” to 0

      Let me know if that helps

    • Girl With A Cellphone when i upload such a video from my phonegallery, it don’t shows the original music – do you know how to avoid that and do it so that it shows the original music artist?

  2. Yessssss I’m ☝🏾lemme just say you’re super awesome and amazing I was struggling with the head grab transition and then you came along and saved me I posted my first transition yesterday on my tiktok thanks so much for giving out free game 🥰 💎 my tiktok is @billyjeandrip f4f🙏🏾🤞🏾


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