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[Tik Tok China] Tik Tok Chinese #0807❤️I Love Tik Tok China


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  1. Lol at tiktok dying, now the Chinese government can’t Spy. All because they wouldn’t take responsibility for the Wuhan Virus.

    • @Antony M like they didn’t know about it for months before? Turnip.
      January was NOT early enough. Not to mention how much it was down played by Chinese media.

    • Lol, you act like other countries weren’t warned about the virus in January. Also, You also act like the West hasn’t engaged in data mining, though maybe it’s because you’re a xenophobe.

  2. Excited and waiting for US to ban TIKTOK 🕺US should make its own APP like TIKTOK and transfer all the users to that app. May be name TOKTIK They even appointed Disney’s Head Kevin as chief operating officer.. After all tiktok is a copy of Vines…
    They are too Clever.. World should not get fooled again by this Evil CCP. Chinese people should unite to takedown this regime. In India its completely banned nobody can use it anymore .. All those so called content creator of 30second are now moving to Insta and youtube.. 59 in total Chinese apps got banned. Why use chinese apps anyway when the CCP dont allowed foreign business in its country i.e Youtube,fb, even tiktok on mainland china.. Definitely its a spyware.. Now Hongkong came under them so they are banning there too saying there are less users.🤦‍♂🤷‍♂ CCP dont want to mixed their slaves citizen with the world. They are very cautious of its people going against the Regime.. They didnt even disclosed the number of soldiers tat died in India indo-Tibet boarder fights. Rumour has it tat 100 of Chinese mens died and the Chinese locals are unhappy for not giving any respect to the deceased soldiers like how India does.. China is going tro Hell now.. Every bad things u name it!!!! is going on now. Starting from CORONA, Flood, Halestone tat look like corona shape, eviction of poor citizen from their farm n demolition of poor houses to give way to new estates.Killed 80 + grandma in by the govt, Earthquake, mysterious earth rumbling sounds in Weining, Guizhou areas coming from mountains, People are trying to take their money out from banks because of economy downfall..Their state run news channel wont show these things but its got circulated in their social media called weibu which get deleted soon after people post…. KARMA already warned them during Sky Turns Dark When “Two Sessions” in Beijing Begin.May21st 3.pm

    • @peace san Hi i respect Chinese people but sadly i dont seem to love the CCP Regime…I hope oneday all the creative chinese people have their voice and freedom. There is always some parasite in the every environment but one should know how to get rid of it . Cheers

    • Its called Douyin .Tiktok came from that too. But Douyin content are just for chinese not for global. Wish is same for all. China dont have facebook and google too.


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