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Teşkilat 12. Bölüm Fragmanı


Teşkilat 12. Bölüm Fragmanı

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  1. Türk istihbaratını böyle başarılı gördükçe gurur duyuyorum.çok seviniyorum.inşaAllah her zaman böyle başarılı oluruz,…

  2. For this series dear tims&b you have ruined a beautiful series like marasli. Why😭😭. This series ratings are high I admit it. But marasli series ratings are 7 at hard day like Monday among cukur, yasak elma, buyuk. Now the condition is like this of making final of marasli. Your writer ethem write two series at same time so he forgot to write a good script for Marasli 😤 . How can a person write two series . So he write bad script of marasli after episode 6 in Marasli you can see the change in series very change. Because at that time teskilat series started. So all your team busy in that series. You forget you have a series called marasli.how can you do this . Why ……… A actor who put all efforts like burak . Who lift episode in his shoulder. The Alina is great, serhet, saysin are best. But bad script can’t support for series. We have to rise like old days.
    Don’t dare to make final of marasli. You ruined it by your own hand . What is the fault of actors in Marasli.
    Our Mahcel deserves season 2. Burak acting deserves season 2.. please get the confirmation of second season. And please bring ethem back to write beautiful scenes as before. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
    I don’t want to leave a series like marasli. Please please please please 😭🥺🙄🙄
    Hey Allah ratings increases please. for this your screen writers have to write beautiful scenes and action scenes……..


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