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School funny memes |Only students will find it funny | Part – 395


School funny memes |Only students will find it funny | Part – 395

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  1. 0:11 *🧐 That’s Cool 😂* You’ve got a *Great Diet Buddy* 😜
    *Secondly* How you manage to eat so many *Toasts/Biscuits* with that Lil Quantity Of ☕ Tea 🤓

  2. I’m gonna spend Valentine’s day with me and I and myself
    IKR I have 3 partners
    And please love yourself.

    • My parents are don’t even married in that time.🤣 They didn’t know each other until 2005, even though they lived in the same area. I was born in 2007.

    • @Mamunur Rashid agreed..don’t even care to make them understand why you love him. Live for yourself not for others. :))

    • @Videoz Daddy I’m a girl. That’s my father’s ID. BTW, I always focus on a boy who is good in personality and raised well by his parents. I’ve a crush on a good boy, he’s totally my Ideal type. And he’s also good looking. But my bros and brother friend (Not boyfriend) thinks that I’ve a crush on him just for his handsome face. But they really don’t understand why love him. And I’m saying you that don’t insult girls. A girl can’t live without a boy and a boy can’t live without a girl. Hope you understand 🙂😊. But girls are getting insulted all over the world.

    • @Deeptiann Suresh Hye, with Due Respect … I don’t follow such thing neither I have any such Intention Buddy 😊 *Ofcourse, let it be a Guy or Girl* no one does that 👍
      I’ve just said it out of Humor and Sarcasm as it’s Related to Entertainment and Memes.
      Keep Smiling Buddy 👍


    You tube sometimes unsubscribe u from some channel for no reason
    (It happened to me)


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