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Reacting to Tiktok comments: Overwatch 2 Season 2 tank tier list edition


Reacting to Tiktok comments: Overwatch 2 Season 2 tank tier list edition

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  1. Being honest the tank part is accurate( except for rein, he deserves at least A teir) but I don’t think I agree with Genji, mei, reaper and hanzo. I think they should all be moved up one tier.

    • @Taco_Hako If you want a solid all rounder tank, go sigma. Better ult that is harder to escape if you’re not baptiste, has a ranged squishy killer combo. Excellent poke and aoe damage. Has a incredibly versatile shield for selfish or selfless use.

      If you want to punish only everyone and let your teammates learn positioning is important, play orisa/hog.

      All 3 tanks I mentioned can and will outperform and deal with a rein

      And the damage soaking part of “Tank” isnt necessarily true. Tanking isnt really a “thing” that you just do, you only tank damage because of your natural positioning, its wholly possible that they still ignore you. Tanks havent been the tanks that other games are for years now. Their goal is to be an annoying piece of shit in front of enemy sightlines to create space for your team to do work, and tanks do a whole lot of damage, check reins’ swing damage, dva dps output etc, you’ll find almost all tanks are capable of pumping out numbers/elims in the range of every good dps player of equal skill level, including rein. There’s a reason why GOATS came to be after all, dps simply do not do so much damage that tanks cannot keep up with. I’ve been consistently getting 10k+ dmg done as tanks even on games where im getting rolled

      As for the reaper part, sure, you hold your rein charge until he fades, but a good reaper will never need to fade unless he’s low. Thats just how reaper is against rein of equal skill level, flank him, poke him from side, poke him next to tank etc, rein is simply highly unfavoured to deal with a reaper when in close quarters, the ranger where rein swings lands hits.

    • Everything you said is correct, in a theoretical standpoint. Usually teir list are made with the assumption that both you and the enemy are playing perfectly, but in most cases that’s not true, and Reinhardt imo is the one of the best tank in to punish the enemy team (The best right now would be hog). Addressing the nerfs, tanks (by design) are meant to soak up damage and deal a bit of damage as well, this im guessing was the main idea behind the game, tanks block damage, dps deal damage, and support heal/help the team survive or deal more damage. But then of course tanks started becoming the main damage dealers, which is still a cool idea. And addressing the “reaper problem” usually when you pin a reaper you can get 1 hammer swing off, and you would only try to pin a reaper when he doesn’t have faze. Also it’s probably not a good idea to have him have another Firestrike, just buff the damage.

    • Considering he lost like all his one shot moves? Yes, he is lower than A.

      Cant kill a 200 hp target with 2 firestrikes (why)
      Cant kill a 200 hp target anymore with window and 1 firestrike (again, why)
      Pin literally being the riskiest tank move in existence but only does 225 damage (Lord knows we needed to be killed by the Reaper you just pinned after all, seriously what the fuck)
      Pin hitbox nerfed (yayyy inconsistencies)

      So, what do we get for all these?
      You get to throw out 1 more firestrike, good for ult charge ig. But I stand by the fact if a 200 hp target gets hit by 2 firestrikes they deserve to die.

      And what else? You get to charge cancel and change angle slightly better?

      edit: This all not even mentioning that Rein has to contend with the likes of Hog,Orisa,Ramattra,Sigma,Zarya, Winton. Who all can just either punish him, kill things behind him, or make it hella annoying for him.

    • It’s literally the highest skill ceiling tank, which is why you only see one tricks play him well. Emongg explained it in the tier list ranking bro, he could easily swing to A tier


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