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Meta’s new Facebook user feeds appear similar to TikTok


Meta’s new Facebook user feeds appear similar to TikTok

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  1. Meta’s share price is going to dive when they announce a loss of users and much lower profits. I’m sure insiders are selling their shares now. Looks at the trading volume, something is up. Building a metaverse, or a VR world are not only incredibly expensive, but also hardly an easy business model in terms of margins. Facebook (I’m sorry, I’m not calling them Meta, I can’t just change a name that is ingrained) has seen it’s peak. All downhill from here. No wonder Sheryl Sandberg left – this titanic is taking on water.

    • Absolutely. I left and I honestly don’t feel any need to go back ever. Facebook is not a trustworthy or fun brand anymore. It’s boring and quite frankly, has proven not to be good for individuals or society. Shareholders are going to be crying after the next shareholder meeting. It won’t be pretty.


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