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Mechanical Mine Clearing Vehicle – MEMATT


Mechanical Mine Clearing Vehicle – MEMATT

MEMATT is designed with the latest technology for demining anti-personnel and anti-tank mines in various types of fields. It is a combat proven system that is being used and verified in many highly contaminated minefields around the world. The system has superior features in terms of remote-control operation with a range more than 5000 meters, 360 degree top-view unaffected by dust and easy-to-use compact and capable controller interface. The system has proven its field performance and has been updated with valuable feedback from users. It is also easy to transport by different vehicles, offers ease of use for different purposes and projects with its modular design, and ease of service with more than one maintenance cover.

MEMATT has a superior body designed for harsh conditions. it is installed with metal plating resistant to high force explosion, Armox 500T protection shield made of armor steel, steel pallet providing maximum durability against hard floors. It has engine air intake protection filter system against environmental factors. The flail and tiller attachments are easily replaceable with carbide tips. MEMATT has a powerful engine and hydraulic system to work uninterruptedly on many types of topography. MEMATT represents the strongest and most versatile mechanical demining system in its category.

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