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Fleetwood Mac Skateboarder Reflects On TikTok Stardom


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  1. This guy rocks!! Thank you for introducing that song into my playlist life, it’s a real vibe🙌🏽

  2. LMAO love this!! Please check out my own cover of Dreams! I absolutely love Fleetwood Mac and it would be an honor if you watched it! This is music for real! Thanks 🎶 i would literally cry for a whole year if anyone from FWM listened to it

  3. They’re “ALL SICK” You Are “ALL CRAZY” The whole entire what “CITY” There all hearing huh “VOICES” They “FORGOT” Huh those are “DRONES” That have “HUH” Voice Audio Video Sounds “WHISPERING” Huh? Wild I’m what staying “QUITE” Ignoring it “HUH” Huh and what not “REACTING” Huh “ALL NIGHT” That’s “FACT” I don’t see nobody “HUH” Those are huh “DRONES” That what have “HUH” Voice Audio Video Sounds “WHISPERING” Huh “DONE” Can’t Sleep “HUH” Huh stay up “HUH” He act “MAD” You Are “HUH” Kiaira “THOT” Huh got smack “HUH” Yield “YUP” Esta en el “HIREL” The “FINALLY” That’s “DEAD” Done “HUH” They “LYING” I Hate “HUH” Black “HUH” Then what “HUH” Huh “HUH” Feeling what “HUH” They’re “ALL GONE” That’s “STALKING” That’s “SET”

  4. The vibe on this dude ! Thanks my man. Some people are so poor they have only money .He has everything else and is richer

  5. He evoked his inner happiness in spite of his car breaking down and shared that vibe with the world. Major, major kudos to Ocean Spray for gifting him a Cran-Raspberry-colored truck, they become legend, too. Heartwarming to know people have gifted him money.

  6. I love it!! Almost late for work and not even stressed because he will make it on time with the longboard 🛹 you deserve all the good in life for making us all happy 💯


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