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♡~Tiktok mashup~♡(Not clean) #75


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  1. do Charlie damilo plz I really love your chanel I watch it everything day I am a big fan of Charlie damilo and you

  2. I made a Tik tok with my cousin and I was wondering if mabey we could get some followers but you don’t have to we just want a lil support because we only have 3 followers and 3 of them we know it would mean a lot if you could follow. I not telling you you have to but maybe you could it is the @idontknow_280 it would mean the world is if you followed we will start posting as much as possible and we will take suggestions too we love our followers we will also follow you back
    I know this is very selfish I apologize idk why I selfproting. My self I really apologize

  3. OMG! thanks sooo much for reading my comment and idea of doing an Ariana Grande one! Ty xx! Love the mashup!💖

  4. omg yess queeen in just a day u’ve already gotten so many subs and i just luv these mashups thxx keep up the good work <3

  5. Hope you get that adorable cute puppy you want! i’m subscribed 😁
    +Love your mashup and will you pin this comment! 💛✨ and you should do shout outs at the end of your videos! 💖 ( if u do can i have one please! 🤞♥

  6. I will invite my friends to subscribe u bec u deserve it ilysssssssm mwah no words can describe you ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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